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How to change audio player message using a shortcode

Your audio players can be customized to match the look and feel of your website. Apart from the color of the players, you can also change the what text is displayed on the players.

Normally, you'd save these settings from the Audio Player Customizations Page once and the settings will reflect on all your players. But sometimes, you might want to display a different message on the audio player for just specific articles. You can do that using a Short-code!

Copy and paste the Audio Player Short-code

Audio player shortcode

After adding audio to a post, you'll find it's short-code in the post's edit page.

Just copy and paste the short-code in the article's text as shown below.

The audio player will be displayed at the position where the short-code is pasted.

If you are using the Block Editor, you can use the Short-code block as shown below, otherwise you can simply paste the short-code in the article's text.

shortcode block

paste short code

Edit the Short-Code
Once you have pasted the short-code, you can now add some extra data to it to change the default message.

shortcode data

You can add the following data in the short-code to change the messages on the audio player -

title: Use this to change the primary message on the audio player. By default, the message is - Listen to this content.

message: Use this to change the marketing message of audio player. By default it is Powered by

Remember to save the post after editing the Short-Code because only then the changes will reflect.

Updated on: 13/03/2021

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