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How to add audio to your Wordpress blog post

How to add audio to your WordPress blog post

This requires WordPress plugin to be installed on your blog. If you haven't installed the plugin yet, follow this tutorial - Installing Wordpress plugin

The WordPress plugin adds certain functionality to your admin that makes it easy to convert your posts, pages or courses into audio and embed that audio. Here are the steps for converting your first blog post to audio:

From your Posts page, select the post that you'd like to convert to audio and click on the Add Audio button.

Add Audio

You'll now see an editor with your post contents. You can add or remove text to reflect in the audio. You can change the voice, listen to sentences, fix any pronunciations in this editor before creating the final audio which consumes a credits. There the purpose of this editor is to help you edit and finalize the audio before creating it.

Once you are ready with the edits to audio, click the Convert button.

Converting a blog post to audio consumes a credit

You will now have the audio embedded in your blog post!

Updated on: 07/02/2022

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