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How to embed audio in your SquareSpace blog post

How to embed audio in your SquareSpace blog post

This post shows you how to embed the Article Player in your Squarespace blog post.

Since we don't have a Squarespace plugin yet, you'll need to create audio from the Dashboard ( and then copy-paste the iframe code of the audio in your blog post to embed the audio player.

Here's how:

Assuming you have created the audio of your post already, click on the Embed option on the audio file.

Copy the code that starts with iframe

Got to your blog post on Squarespace where you want to embed the audio and then edit the post and look for the + icon.

Then, look for the Embed option

Click on the Code Symbol on the right hand side

Now paste the iframe code that you had copied from step 2 and click on the Set button

You can position your player by dragging and moving it around in your post. Once done, hit the Save button!

Updated on: 01/05/2020

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