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How to add audio to your Medium stories

How to add audio to your Medium stories without using the Chrome Plugin

If you cannot use the Chrome Extension for some reason, you can still add audio to your Medium stories by following these steps:

Go to the Dashboard ( and click on the Create New Audio button Create Audio

Next, copy-paste your Medium article content on the editor, or click on Import > Import from URL.


You will now see an editor with your Medium post's content. This editor allows you to edit text, select a voice, fix any pronunciation errors, add pauses or change tones before creating the final audio.

Once you are done editing, click the Convert button to create the audio of your Medium story.

Convert to Speech

Once the audio is created, click on the Embed button to open up embedding options.


Look for the option for embedding on and copy the link.

Medium Embed Link

Now go over to your Medium story, click on Add an Embed, and paste the link in the desired position and PRESS ENTER.

Medium Article Embed

Updated on: 07/02/2022

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